Rainy day in St. Petersburg

nov46 As I sit here writing this I can’t help but to smile as I look around the room.  It’s a colder day here in Florida but has been steadily raining, the type of therapeutic rain where it’s constant pounding will soothe your soul of any ailment.  My family which consists of my husband, son, and myself are all lounging close but doing our own things.  Candles are lit, hot tea is perfect, and we are all content to just be together and where we are. Why is this so important?  Because of where we came from.  We moved from a very busy and stressful life over 6 months ago.  A life where the winter and area limited us on what we could do outside our home.  A life where work took a huge chunk of time from our family. Life since moving to St Petersburg has instantly changed, instantly improved.  Not to say that we still don’t have to work hard here but we now have time, time to be a family and really see what life has to offer.  We get to go out often most times without spending a dime.  My husband and I get to go on actual dates again and after 11 years love that we’re still so much in love.  Our son who is 9 and used to carry more stress than most adults is now living the Florida beach life and carrying a smile every day instead. Today we had plans for an outing like most weekends but because of the almost full 24 hour rain we stayed in instead.  We enjoyed every moment of the day cuddling, eating good food, catching up on our favorite shows, and talking about what we’ll do in the week ahead.  We ourselves are different here and often frame an outing by saying we made the best decision moving those 1,100 plus some miles to live our lives in paradise. I’m excited to share what we find and love about St. Petersburg and all the surrounding areas here on Wild Red on the Gulf.  No matter your lifestyle or family size this area offers an amazing experience for all.  It’s sure to change you as well if you let it. Thank you to any who read my articles and stop by.  Please feel free to leave any feedback and share your experiences and suggestion as well.  We’re always excited to hear from and learn from others.  Enjoy your weekend whether its rainy, cold, or sunshine abound! Mandy-Wild Red


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