Climbing Trees in St. Pete

open tree climb St Petersburg FloridaWhat a beautiful weekend! One of those ‘sad to see it go‘ kind. Saturday was a bit on the chilly side in the morning but since it was the first Saturday of the month that meant open climb day hosted by Pathfinder.

Open Tree Climb in St Petersburg FloridaDriving up you wouldn’t think much of it. You’ll see a modest church with a tree-lined landscape and wrapped parking lot. We were eager to check this out as we first learned of it at a festival held last October in St. Petersburg.

At check in we gazed upon this massive oak tree decorated with the empty ropes hanging from twisted long branches. Every one was so friendly and up beat even for such a chilly and overcast day. The crew quickly helped our son into a harness and hard hat and moved him right onto hook up.

It really is just simple fun! Even for children that may not be so outdoorsy orOpen Tree Climb St. Petersburg Florida athletically inclined this is a great way to allow them to challenge themselves, get outside, and try something new. Climbing the rope took coordination and a bit of effort but the determination on my son’s face, who we lovingly call Busy, was priceless. It was his first time and honestly as my husband and I watched on, it could have gone either way. He may have asked to stop or loved it and we were so glad he stuck through and enjoyed every moment. This is a child who developed a fear of heights a few months back but since has been zip lining and flew co-pilot in a charter plane (free by the way and will be mentioned on a later post!).

Open Tree Climb St Petersburg Florida

Pathfinder donates all proceeds from this event to the Pathfinder Scholarship fund to help families with educational programs which is another reason to get out and give it a go.  Also consider checking your pantries before heading out as they collect for the food bank Operation Attack.

The climb is $10 per climber and runs from 10am to 1pm.  Each climb is about 30 minutes and parents are welcome to sit and relax or throw on a hard hat to stay close by.  The climb is open for adults and children ages 6 and up.  They do accept credit cards as well.

Pathfinder Outdoor Education
1310 22nd Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Open Tree Climb St Petersburg Florida

After a morning in the tree tops we decided to venture onto local flea markets for treasures and good food, browse a few local stores, then spend the last few hours of daylight outside riding bikes and chatting with neighbors. A typical weekend day here and one of our favorite ways to spend the time.

Sunday completed our weekend with a day of rest and home cooking. Day light savings time gave us an excuse to sleep in, spend time reading on the lanai in the warm weather (79 degrees with 47% humidity), and bird watch as we did so. Great way to recuperate before a busy week ahead. Being a North-Eastern girl I don’t think I’ve ever uttered these words before but I’m loving this March weather!

If you’re local or thinking of visiting the area be sure to mark your agenda for the first Saturday of every month to check out the Open Tree Climb.  I hope all those reading had an equally or exceedingly great weekend!  Here’s wishing you all an awesome Monday!

Mandy- Wild Red

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