A Sunny Day in Sunshine City

Downtown St. Pete

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of spending a gorgeous day in St. Pete’s Waterfront Arts District.  It was just the perfect day to be outdoors and roaming the city, which made it even better that it was date day for my son and I.  Since about the age of 2 (he’s now 9) we have tried to schedule mommy and son days often.  Something where just the two of us can go explore and take the time to talk.  An extra special outing.  I cherish these times and always feel I learn something new about my son.  It’s great to keep up in their lives as they grow and change because as most parents will tell you, it goes quickly.  And of course it’s a huge bonus to have your little one wrap his arms around you and ask when you can do it again.

Downtown St. Pete

The Waterfront Arts District in St. Pete is filled with amazing shops, galleries, museums, theaters, restaurants, places to enjoy the outdoors, and great views.  Entertaining yourself and your children will not be a problem here.  You’ll find many events throughout the year as well.  During the afternoon here many people are out and about but it never feels overcrowded like some cities can.  There are cyclists and skaters buzzing about and many people enjoying the outdoor seating for what are some of the greatest restaurants.  All the streets are lined with trees, well maintained, and always full of sunshine.

Hooker Tea Company St Pete

Hooker Tea Company. Buy already packaged loose tea or browse for your own flavors from the wall of teas.

Usually we try to stroll by our favorite loose leaf tea shop Hooker Tea Company to broaden our tea collection.  It’s a beautiful little shop at Parkshore Plaza.  I’ve gone back twice now just for their Summer blend black tea.

Downtown St. Pete

The view from the Sun Dial Garage

If you’re new to St. Pete bring comfortable shoes and take your time strolling the streets.  Each trip we try to explore different sections of this district because there is so much to take in.  The best parking can be found at either the Pelican lot by the Pier for $3 a day or at the Sun Dial Garage for $1 per hour (Cash and checks only).  St. Pete also offers free fare zones for trolley rides through the district.

If you're new to St. Pete bring comfortable shoes and take your time strolling the streets.  Each trip we try to explore

We always take the city by foot and sometimes it feels like a water side only day while others its a shop and eat kind of day.  There’s something to please every one here and the best part is it encourages you to be active.  You can spend an entire day here for less than $5 if you choose.  It’s a great way to work an outing into a tight budget.

The Sun Dial St. Pete

The walk way to the Sun Dial is beautifully lined and always playing Classical Music. It’s a fun experience for first timers to the city.

Waterside and large sprawling trees were the biggest hit of our day!  It felt so good to be out in the warm sunshine and sitting on a park bench chatting the afternoon away.

Downtown St. Pete

Downtown St. Pete

What’s your favorite part of Downtown St. Pete?  Downtown St. Pete


And don’t forget, St. Pete is a pet friendly city!  If you’re looking to take your pup out and want to grab a bite to eat that’s ok here!  Many of the restaurants have pet bowls readily available for your pooch.  So stop by and enjoy a day out with your family (furry ones included).

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have an amazing weekend and Happy Friday the 13th!  This weekend there will be many St. Patrick’s Day celebrations going on so I hope you’re able to find something great in your areas.  Get out there and make some memories and be safe!

Mandy- Wild Red

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