Show me your green Florida!

Instead of the usual St. Paddy’s Day celebration I wanted to do something a bit different this year.  I’m an Irish girl through and through so normally today would consist of a good home cooked Irish meal and shamelessly a green beer or glass of good whiskey.  Yet my mind wasn’t in it this year.  I was too driven by the warm weather and need to explore.  Being our first March 17th on the gulf we decided instead to pack our St. Patrick’s Day extended weekend with outings on the hunt for green, Florida style!  Instead of plumping up on breads and stews and roaming the larger festivals we opted for smaller celebrations and family time together in our favorite places.

As we explored and  ventured onto each outing it became a fun game shouting, “There’s green!” Each photo is a “green” representation of things we did for our extra long weekend.  We hope you enjoy them and that you also had (or are still having) an amazing and safe St. Patrick’s Day!


Green gulf waters

g4g2g3g5 g7 g10 g11 g12 g13

And an extra I found at the Indian Shores St. Patrick’s Day festival, Pennsylvania style funnel cakes!!  I had to giggle being a PA girl in Florida.  Have a wonderful day!

Mandy- Wild Red


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