Bring some wild into your Wednesday- Crescent Lake Park


I couldn’t think of a more inviting park than Crescent Lake in St. Pete.  I love wildlife of all kinds and what better way to see and capture it than at a massive park right in the middle of the city.  This park offers a great walking/biking path, playground, many benches, a dog park, and of course the views are stunning at all angles.  This stop would be great for quick wm33outings or if you’re just looking to get in some active time outdoors.

The walkway around Crescent Lake gives you breath-taking views from all wm37angles.  As always we enjoyed a mix of walking, biking, sitting, playing, and occasionally leaving the path to get a closer look.

The weather on this particular day was HOT but approaching the lake you instantly felt cool from the breeze blowing in off the water.  It has now been marked as one of our “Hot Day Stops”.


Like most of St. Pete you’ll find awesome trees of all kinds.  This day was no different.  We had a bit of fun with a few Tarzan moments.wm13


When I mentioned wildlife before let me just restate by saying this is a birder and photographer’s paradise right here!  While the photos featured are just casual snapshots I have many more for stock and canvas prints.  All came from one trip.  There’s so much to see and do here that one visit is just never enough!


Another point of interest right now is in the water!  Don’t be shy to walk up and look in.  The Bass are currently nesting.  You’ll find large white circles in the sand beneath the surface and see many Bass like the one below hovering around.



Take a stroll or sit back and breathe in this serene view.  Either way you’ll leave feeling relaxed and wanting to visit again.

Thanks for taking time to read!  If you’ve been to Crescent Lake before I’d love to hear about your experiences and favorite spots.  If you haven’t been, then here’s the link to Crescent Lake Park so you can check it out soon.

Mandy- Wild Red




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