Clearwater comic con, Honeymoon Island, and the beach!


As I begin to write this I am still in that lovely weekend fog.  It ended to soon.  Yes I whined and tried hard to extend it while chatting late into the evening with a friend yesterday, but Monday has come!  It’s drizzling out but a wonderful 70 degrees here in South PInellas County.  This day is the perfect makings of a lazy day!  Unfortunately (for most of us), Monday does not allow for lazy to happen.

The first weekend of Spring was a welcomed change for us.  As our family up North dealt with snow and cold temps, we enjoyed the 85 degree sunny days.  This was our first Spring actually wearing spring and summer clothing and not freezing.  It felt amazing!

Clearwater comic conOn Saturday we enjoyed an event dubbed ‘The Son of Comic Con’ in Clearwater.  Allow me to let my geek flag fly for a moment!  Any event involving comics, anime, sci fi, or video games and we’re there!

clearwater comic con

This was a small event at the Clearwater Main Library.  It’s a beautiful building with 5 floors that include a rooftop terrace.  Between seeing some items and costumes from our favorites to the views, it was a fun experience!

There were prizes, raffles, costume contests, handmade items, trivia, gaming stations, comic books, writers, and more.  It was easy to navigate through the large building at your own pace and enjoy whichever section you decided to view.wm16



The views from the 5th floor roof topwm11

The next part of our weekend was a much awaited trip out to Honeymoon Island.  We saw so many amazing photos online and decided to take the drive out for a day by the beach.  The drive through Dunedin was great!  It had a unique feel with beautiful cafes and shops along the waterfront. wm17 Approaching Honeymoon Island we hit stopped traffic.  The line was enormous and each side of the road had small strips of beach with cars parked behind and the water’s edge filled with people.  It took about 20 minutes to get up to the both to pay the $8 entry fee.

Once inside the park we decided to drive through and see what it had.  wm1There were trails, a dog beach, the entrance for the ferry to Caladesi Island, and a main beach.  The parking lot to the main beach area was massive and full.  We found a spot and grabbed our things excited to get in the water.  Walking past the long boardwalk you will find a very short strip of beach.  The depth is just a few feet from the grassy areas to the water’s edge and on this particular day was shoulder to shoulder.  Each person sat just a few inches from the next and much of the beach was rocky.  We walked a good distance down the water and exited through a pathway further down when we found nowhere to sit.

Honeymoon Island seemed like a very popular beach and maybe we picked the wrong day to visit but this wasn’t our place to relax.  We forfeited our $8 parking fee and retreated to our favorite beach much further south.  We do intend to return to Honeymoon Island another time to take the ferry to Caladesi Island.  The ferry is $14 per adult and $7 per child.

While it didn’t go as planned we enjoyed exploring further North and our time at our favorite beach even more!  We like more space to run and play on the beach and sprawl out when needed.  So overall getting out and about, toes in the sand, relaxing at home, family and friends, and good food- Yep, perfect weekend!


We would love to hear your experiences with Honeymoon Island and maybe some tips if we decide to visit again.

Thanks for reading!!  I hope you all had a great first weekend of Spring!

Mandy- Wild Red

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