Clearwater Marine Aquarium Part 2- Boat Rides & Movie Sets


{Read Part 1-Sea Life & Trolleys Here}

After you fully explore the Clearwater Marine Aquarium you’ll have a choice to either drive, take a boat ride, or the trolley.  Whatever method of transportation you chose to head to the dolphin tale experience you’re sure to enjoy it!

In order to board the boat you’ll need to check in with a crew member towmboat5 receive a pass.  Sometimes a short wait will be required.

The longest wait we have endured was 15 minutes on a busy day but we can assure you the views from the boat will be well worth it.  Sometimes you can even spot dolphins and the captain will stop the boat when you do!

wmboat3 wmboat2

wmDTE11If taking the boat please be advised there is a short walk to the Dolphin Tale Experience.  It’s about 2 blocks and on an incline.

At the Dolphin Tale Experience you’ll see all things movie related in a fun interactive way.  Even a simulation of a hurricane awaits you in a fun walk through set.


For something extra special, feed the Puffer Fish (Blowfish) for $5.


At the end of our visits we love taking the trolley back to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.  It’s a great experience from beginning to end and an easy way to fill an entire day with activities.  If you’re looking for a great place to visit with your family check out their website and consider annual memberships.  I’ll share more on our visits to the reciprocals in the future.

 Thanks for reading!

Mandy- Wild Red


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