On the hunt for Alligators- Sawgrass Lake Park St. Petersburg


Sawgrass Lake Park is just another one of the many beautifully kept parks in St. Pete but with the guarantee you’ll see alligators.  Each visit to Sawgrasswmgator we found new wildlife.  Our intention of each outing here was to spot larger alligators than the previous visit but we find so many interesting creatures creeping, crawling, or flying about.

Some days we plan visits while others are quick stops after a busy day.  This park offers a great opportunity for an evening stroll or a day of exploring.

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wmtrail copy

The layout of Sawgrass Lake is consistent of several styles of trails.  There are dirt trails, paved paths, and a boardwalk with a tower and seating areas.  While most go straight for the tower we like to hang back at the bridge where you’ll find the most birds, fish, frogs, and alligators.  The dirt trails also offer prime turtle spotting, which is another favorite.

wmbw5 copy

wmturtle copy

It can get hot here quickly and doesn’t offer the breeze that most lake parks in St. Petersburg will so plan accordingly.  Bring water and apply that sun screen.  Bike riding is allowed anywhere except on the boardwalk but you may walk it through


If you’re looking for an adventure with a jungle like feel , you’ll love this trip.  Each turn of the trails and you will feel as if you are very far from the populated areas that are actually surrounding this park.  The trees and Spanish Moss canopy many of the areas and if you’re on the look out for animals and creepy crawlies take a peek over the boardwalks often.

wmbw2 copy

wmtower2 copy

If I can recommend anything in particular based on our visits here it would be sunsets by the bridge.  The lighting is beautiful anytime all over the park but there’s just something special about that golden glow through the greenery surrounding the water.  It’s a great view to complete a day.  And it doesn’t hurt to walk off that dinner in such a beautiful place either!

wmsunset wmfront4 wmmoon

Thank you for reading.  I hope you enjoyed our view of this beautiful park!  Have a beautiful first week of April!

Mandy- Wild Red

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