A peek into The Sunken Gardens in St. Pete

wm35The day of our visit we did not intend to stop here at the Sunken Gardens, it just kind of happened.  I love those just because type of adventures!

We came to the area to visit the children’s museum which shares an wm48entrance with the gardens, and as we walked by the birds called to us from inside the gates.  Soon our eyes could only follow the flow of greenery spilling to the sidewalk outside.  We just had to go in and check this place out.  While trying to research information on the gardens previously we found very little on the net.  This can be frustrating when planning an outing but with this particular place we enjoyed the mystery because we had no idea what would wait for us inside and that made the experience that much better!


Read about the 2nd half of our day at the Great Explorations Children Museum here!

Our day began just a bit too early for our liking on this day off so we ventured into the St. Pete Bakery right around the corner.  Theywmbakery had so many goodies to choose from but something about the gigantic peanut butter cookies reminded Busy of his grandma so we had to try them.  Don’t worry Grandma, yours still remain supreme but these were really good!

We took our purchase and sat outside on the over-sized sofas.  The seating here is abundant both inside and out.  The black iced coffee was perfect but I’m no expert as I prefer my caffeine strong, quick, and plain the few times that I do need it.  This is a great place to check out when stopping by.

Sunken Gardens St Pete Florida

When beginning your journey into the Sunken Gardens you’ll have a choice of different directions to take.  You will be given a map but since my little one wanted to be the guide he decided to forgo the map and lead the way.  Our map found its way into his cargo pocket and wasn’t seen again until we arrived at home.

wm6The walkway is smooth and easy so this is something the entire family can enjoy.  We took our time strolling through, especially when we came upon one of the many areas with wildlife.  This was something we didn’t know about before parking outside the gates that day.


One of the beautiful parrots even spoke to us while another liked to dance when he was serenaded.  Further down from the macaws and parrots were flamingos, an alligator snapping turtle, and many ponds with large fish.


We couldn’t help but to look up many times through our walk here.  The wm5trees were massive!  They towered so far up and really made you feel so small and almost lost in this wild looking new world.  While the place was buzzing about with preschool groups, children’s camps, and families it had a sense of tranquility and silence.  This is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a calm low key activity.

wmsunkengardensEach turn in the gardens you would find either the brightest spots flooded with sunshine or almost darkness with only colorful flowers illuminating from the trickles of sun getting through.

This was a fun detour in our day.  My little one enjoyed navigating, taking photos, and learning about what he was seeing around the Sunken Gardens.


A favorite out of the photos my son Busy took during our visit to The Sunken Gardens.

Sunken Gardens

$8 per adult

$4 per child

Annual passes are available



If you’re visiting the area and have kids check out The Great Explorations Children’s museum which is right next door.  Read about our experience here.

Thank you to all who have visited Wild Red!  I hope you’re all happily soaking in this Spring sun and if you can’t where you are, visit Florida today.  We have enough sun to share!

Mandy- Wild Red

Questions?  Contact us today!



21 thoughts on “A peek into The Sunken Gardens in St. Pete

    • I really think you will enjoy it!! I too have a boy (9) and he can be fleeting with these types of more guided places.

      In his direct opinion he loved the birds because they spoke to him, bopping the fish on the head (oops), taking photos of butterflies and bees, and watching the moving rock (the alligator snapping turtle). Boys! 🙂

      I would recommend maybe arming them with tasks when you go. Something like being tour guides or a photo scavenger hunt (we did yellow things). It helps just in case they get bored. Overall I would say the trip through can range between 30 minutes to about an hour depending on how long you stop to view the scenery.

      Hopefully you’ll get to take a trip there soon! It’s beautiful and something a bit different to do as a family.


  1. Pingback: Great Explorations Children’s Museum in St. Pete | Wild Red

    • St Pete as a whole is a wonderful place to explore! I love that sometimes we just run into things to do. Spring is the busy season for me so I’m hoping by this summer I’ll get some time to travel out a bit further but perfectly content sticking close to home for now😊.

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