Great Explorations Children’s Museum in St. Pete


Great Explorations is just another awesome reciprocal on our list for our Clearwater Marine Aquarium membership (Read about it here).  Because of this every visit here is completely free.  We have made a few trips to the museum for days of play since signing up this past February.

wm50The museum offers a wide range of learning, play, and active activities for children up to 10 years of age.  Everything here is stimulating and exciting for kids (and adults like us who like to play too).  This is the perfect outing for one of those super hot ‘I need a break from the sun’ days.

You’ll find the entrance is also located within the same building as the Sunken Gardens guest and ticket services.  Read about our experience at the gardens here.

Take some time while in the lobby to grab a few of the free magazines and pamphlets.  Most have valuable coupons with invaluable ideas and information for many cool things offered here in Pinellas County.  We keep a folder of these as a wish list of sorts to help choose an activity on those indecisive type of days.

You’ll enter the museum through the gift shop to the left.  It’s incredible when entering.  Everything is hands on.  Our little one had the pleasure to visit the Chicago Children’s Museum on a previous trip and just loves these types of places.  Like most children our boy Busy can easily be distracted and Great Explorations really took care to help these types of children stay engaged.

wm62The theme at the time of our visit was The Wizard of Oz.  The museum took themes from Oz to create imagination play, health awareness, informational play, and encouraged communication through questions posted around the displays.

To a child these stations may only look like something amazing to explore and play with but they are actually the perfect way to sneak in some learning and healthy play time.


There are creative stations like You Build it, Artist Expressions, and a stage to put on a play.

Great Explorations had many sections throughout where you could dress up and learn about different professions and how they work!

wm85Some of these included:

  • A fire truck/ fire station
  • Bay News 9 weather station
  • Vet
  • Doctor and Dentist
  • A pizza kitchen
  • And even a mini Publix


When planning your visit here allow time to go through all of the sections expecting to stop for awhile at each.  The museum can get very busy but it doesn’t get congested and you will still be able to easily move about and enjoy the stations with your child or stand back and allow them to explore.  If you have extra time stop by the Sunken Gardens next door.  Read about our experience here.

Admission to the museum is $10 or $9 for 55 and above.  Free entry is offered with any Clearwater Marine Aquarium membership.  Memberships to the museum are also available.

Parents, I really hope you get to check this place out!  Stop for a coffee and enjoy an easy going day.  Thank you for reading and please stop by to share your experiences with us.

Mandy- Wild Red

Questions?  Contact us today!


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