By the lake- Walter Fuller Lake Park St. Pete

wm16wm37Water seems to call my name.  No matter if its the river, lake, ocean, or a pond I’ll be drawn in.  If you’re anything like me you’ll love visiting or living in St. Petersburg because almost every large park offers waterside views.  This is the focal point at Walter Fuller Park in St. Pete Florida.  The entire park wraps around this sort of winding landscape that seems to merge with the lake at some points.

wmwfparkWe loved the diversity of patrons here.  We found couples on what seemed to be a date to grandparents spending time with their grandkids.  Aside from the amazing amount of wildlife this huge park houses a rec center with a pool, tennis courts, sports fields, a dog park, and so much more.  This was one of those feel good family outings.

By the end of our trip here I had almost 500 photos from just one lap wm42around the lake!  This was exciting for me but there was so much to see that I can’t wait to take another day and see what I can find again.

Unlike some of the parks with more well seen locations, Walter Fuller Lake is nestled back in close to the Tyrone Mall area.  If you’re not looking for it, you may not find it.  I’m a park hunter so I try not to miss a thing!

If you’re a photographer be prepared to take your time.  You’ll want to perchwm28 at many points to capture the wildlife and views.  Also watch out for otters in the water.  I wasn’t ready and ended up with a blurry photo.


wm35The winding paved path was perfectly suited for a bike ride.  We took a slow easy going pace to complete this loop and stopped at all the viewing points and even ventured under the wooden bridge to watch a duck chase off a blue heron (I believe, birders help me out?).


This lake centered park can fill many needs of entertainment and activity for you and your family.  It’s a great spot to write down for a future visit.

Walter FUller Park St. Pete Florida


Now we can’t wait for pool season to begin!  Thanks for reading and we hope you’re having an amazingly beautiful spring!

Mandy- Wild Red

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