A windy Sunday in St. Pete and a quick visit to the Mainsail Art Fest

wm2We all have those weekends where you just don’t seem to get enough rest.  You may lounge around and feel like motivating yourself to get out but the laziness is like a drug and sets in just enough to keep you stagnant on the comfiest piece of furniture you own.  This was most of our weekend but I hate to see an entire one pass by without doing something active for at least a small amount of time.  St. Petersburg Florida caters to so many interests and really pulls you to step out your door even on the most laziest of days.

Here in St. Pete you’ll find many concerts and festivals going on throughout the year.  The streets always have vendors readily available and restaurants will not be hard to find.  Even just taking a walk as we did on this particular day turned into an event in itself.


This past Sunday was a very windy day.  Gusts up to 31 mph whipped wm25through and I quickly realized the time I spend on my hair could’ve been better used,  We walked along waterside and watched the boats sailing in the distance as we approached Vinoy park where the Mainsail Arts Festival was being held.  This was a vendor packed event!  The artists in this city are mind blowing!  This really is the place to see true talent.

The vendors art work ranged from smaller house decorations to massive canvas prints and metal sculptures.  Each tent featured another style of art to capture your attention.


While the winds whipped around us it was still a hot sun type of day so wewm13 stopped at a local Italian Ice vendor as we left the event to continue our Sunday walk.  I’m so grateful to be right in the middle of a place that offers so much!  I was also grateful to retreat home after for comfort foods and a nap but hey, the weekend wasn’t all lazy at least!

Thanks for reading!

Mandy- Wild Red

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