The Clear Waters of Sand Key Park

Sand Key Park Clearwater

What I wouldn’t have given a year ago to be on the beach early afternoon on a weekday!  Just the idea of escaping for awhile under the sun surrounded by vast ocean waters and happy people is enough to make me smile.


Visiting Sand Key Park was a last minute pick because we were in the area for another reason and decided this was the beach to explore next.  These unexpected stops keep happening to us us and we love it!

Driving through Clearwater into this park is relaxing in it’s own right.  The wm18streets are lined with some of the most majestic palm trees and surrounded by water.  You’ll see crowds every where no matter which time you choose to visit or drive through.  This is a popular spot and you’ll see why without even stopping your car.

Parking at Sand Key is a flat rate of $5 and gives you an all day pass.  Because the fee can be higher than some other beaches we recommend this beach as a longer stay type of stop to make the price worth it if budget is an issue.


When we pulled into the huge parking lot it was instant bliss.  Just the peek into the beach area made us rush that much more to unload the car sandkey2 copyand get to the water.  There are restrooms, changing areas, and food trucks at this ball at the the sand’s edge.

The shore line at this park is flanked by a rock wall on one side and a row of hotels on the other.  The sand is mixed with crushed shells and gets softer as you approach the water.  Then there’s the water.  Clear, clear water!  You’ll truly see the namesake here.  Standing back the depth drop of the ocean is clear with the contrast of the dark blue and teal waters but approaching you will see so many gorgeous tones of blue and green reflecting in the ocean waters.  The pull and push of this liquid rainbow will leave you in awe.

sandkey3 copyThe waters were warm as we’ve come to expect here and the shells were not difficult to find.  Going in deeper we were amused to actually clearly see groups of fish swimming through the surf.  After a few moments we even saw tarpon and a manatee only inches away.  It was an exhilarating moment especially to watch it through a 9 year old’s eyes.  I only wish I had a waterproof camera.  {Note to self!}

Only after a few hours and extremely shriveled fingers did we retreat to our little spot on the beach.  I can say I’m not much of a beach “sitter” person, more of a water type.  I usually don’t spend much if any time sitting on the sand at any beach we have visited, but here we sat as long out of the water as we did in.  It was such an inviting and relaxing area.  Great for families.

Overall it was the perfect experience and boost to complete the week.  This is a park and beach we will return to for sure!  For more information on Sand Key Park please visit them at

Thanks for reading!

Mandy- Wild Red

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18 thoughts on “The Clear Waters of Sand Key Park

      • I know the anxiety of moving as a child. My father was a welder and we followed construction work. When I graduated from high school I had 20 addresses in 8 states under my belt. We shed tears when we left somewhere, but made friends and the joy was back in our life. I know your son will soon adjust.

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      • I can’t imagine what that felt like! I’m sorry you had to move so much but I think the up side to it is you must’ve met many great people and had unforgettable experiences most dream of! Busy’s anxiety is part of a tic disorder and because of it he’s a worrier. It’s frustrating as a parent to handle all the questions but having OCD related anxiety myself I understand a bit better. This particular day he was so concerned with sting rays and sharks and after a few dozens replies I just said OK enough you’re fine you’re with me. Seconds later a huge shadow starts coming toward him in the water and I panic pushing him torward shore. It was a manatee but still, didn’t help his case or mine! 😊

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      • I saw places and met people on our journey of moving that made my life more complete. Sorry to hear your son has OCD, I can see how frustrating that could be for you. Sorry about the manatee scare too. My brother has ADHD and that made life rough for my mother.

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