Happy 100- So what’s next?

A term you may see me use often; my heart is happy.  This is because I’m generally a very happy person, all the time, all situations so something extra special to me fills my heart with joy more than my every day.  Breaking 100 followers this week has made my heart happy!

I’m grateful for all of the comments, likes, visits, shared stories, and information from everyone that has ventured onto Wild Red on the Gulf.  My intention to write and share places we explore was met with learning so much from others out there as well as getting to know our new home here in Florida.  I’m not sure when that word “new” may no longer apply but I do know we will not run out of things to do here any time soon.

My husband and I along with our son enjoy going on every adventure you’ve seen here on our blog.  This is the “we” I speak of often as in we work as a team.  The three of us approach each outing with an open mind just wanting to see, experience, and learn all there is here.

What’s next for Wild Red on the Gulf?

  • Adventures down the coast to Sarasota (hoping for some ghost hunting as well!!)
  • More from the wild side of Florida
  • Exploration of local beaches
  • Counting down to the completion of our first year here and what it takes to make paradise home
  • Beach side festivals
  • Local restaurants with unique cuisines
  • Endless local events
  • And so much more!

Have places in mind that you would like us to check out?  

Maybe a place you can’t decide if it’s worth the trip or a family favorite?  Let us know!  We love to share our paradise with others.

Contact us today!

Mandy@Wild-Red.com or visit our contact me page.

The three of us would like to thank everyone of our visitors, likers, followers, and readers!  We’re only just getting started so please stick around for much more of Wild Red on the Gulf!

The Wild Red Family


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