My aspirations to become a birder

wmbirder2From a young age birds were an ingrained part of my life.  I grew up in a place where these feathered creatures actually sang you awake, quite like something out of a Disney movie.  I can still see my Grandmother standing in the kitchen, light shinning on her face from the window, as she watched the beautiful birds outside.  She often commented on how life would be perfect if we all could fly around so freely.

While I may not have appreciated them much in my younger days I certainly began to pay attention more as my life found its pace in my mid-twenties.  Something about that age just speaks volumes on how your life really isn’t complete in it’s transformation until you master the art of slowing down.  As I enjoyed my now more appreciative moments I started to see these beauties all around me.  On hikes, at parks, during commutes, and outside my windows.  Not just knowing they were there but actually seeing them.  Noting their behaviors with one another and other creatures was intriguing.


I found a new hobby at this point but still needed so much help to identify these birds I was watching.  Luckily I’m an avid Google-r and have a very knowledgeable husband to help me out.

Arriving in Florida really put a name to my interest in birds and gave me much more to learn about.  I wasn’t even sure if I could classify some of the dinosaur looking things I found here with the birds I saw in Pennsylvania but it was such a fun experience for a first timer learning her new world.

No, birding isn’t just just the retired masses looking to fill some time.  It’s exciting, a new learning experience, a way to be active, and can be added into other activities.  Our entire family participates, and I have an newly titled spotter on my team which makes the hunt even more fun.


Looking for a low key activity to do with the family?  Maybe something to tie a lesson or learning plan into?  Birding is a great way to experience something new for free.

wmbirder3Considerations when birding:

  • Bring binoculars and/or a camera
  • Use a birding guide and/or an internet connected device to identify
  • Wear appropriate clothing and foot wear specific to the area you will be bird watching in
  • Keep a journal or have the kids keep a journal of the birds behavior, area found in, and characteristics
  • Always respect the birds and areas you observe them in

Birds can be found almost anywhere and in every size.  Make it fun and exciting if you’re taking the kids birding.  Turn it into a scavenger hunt of sorts by making a list prior to going.  Have fun and thanks for reading!

Mandy- Wild Red



13 thoughts on “My aspirations to become a birder

  1. Love birds, have been photographing them for some time. Just put a small post on my blog a few days ago about birds. Love your pictures and enjoy seeing birds from other parts of the U.S. Keep my bird books near and look up the name of birds all the time. Nice, nice post my dear.

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  2. Nice post, Mandy! The great thing about enjoying birds, is that when you open your eyes to them, you can find so many different species in all shapes and sizes, around you every day. From the humble pigeon to a city woodpecker or a fly-by pelican. That is the essence of what I try to write about as . I’m fascinated by what we can see around us that so many others don’t notice. 🙂

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    • 😊 I think most of all my first encounter with a wood stork got me. I wasn’t even prepared just watching the water and he crept past, looking me up and down, then sat only inches away right at my side. I snapped a photo and texted my uncle asking what is it and will it eat me! Now I can’t get enough of them!! Thank you for the compliment and for reading😊


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