Free Comic Book Day- Our Annual Tradition


Free Comic Book day became apart of our lives only a few years ago but instantly was a tradition regarded as highly as a holiday.  Every year the first Saturday in May comic shops around the country come together to host an event and give out free comics in hopes to raise awareness for the greatness that can be found inside of a comic shop.  Not a fan and don’t know what I’m talking about?  Allow me to explain.

1Comics and graphic novels while entertaining and fascinating can also be great tools to help those that have difficulty learning to read or finding interest in reading.  Comics range from adult focused well-knowns like Batman to lesser expected fun and kid friendly series like Looney Tunes, and more.  I even found a Jem comic (80’s kids all around the world just sang the word “Jem”).  There’s something out there for every interest and while it may take a few tries to find what you like its worth the look.  This is why visiting free comic book day to get 3 free comics is a great way to start.  This year even offered a manga volume from Attack on Titan which has continually grown in popularity.


Aside from the obvious reading material there’s a sense of camaraderie at these events.  Fandoms all over come together to participate and you’ll meet some of the greatest people from all walks of life.  You may find others with similar interest as you or have a fun debate on why your favorite would obliterate theirs.  It’s all done out of love for the arts, I promise!

artPrevious years we always looked forward to the cosplayers.  I personally love Vader because it seems like no matter where we are he always puts on a good show!  There’s also artists, cast, and crew at many shops across the nation which gives incentive to visit multiple shops on this day.

How we made this a tradition?

We started this string of events by accident on our very first Free Comic Book Day.  After frequenting a few different shops to meet the artists andfcbd see what each place had as there feature we stopped off for dinner and then followed it up with a movie.  Not just any movie mind you, a comic based movie.  Previous years we have gone to see Captain America Winter Soldier and Superman.

What better way could you spend a day then by meeting new people, finding new and exciting things to read, exploring a world of imagination and unbelievable fantasy, stopping to rest and eat with those you love, and then ending it filling up on buttery and sugary snacks while taking in an awesome film!  It was such an amazing day that first time that we all couldn’t wait for the next year.  And so it began!  This year we enjoyed The Avengers Age of Ultron.  Favorite line from the movie came from Captain America, “Language!”

I read comics, my husband reads comics, our son reads comics, and my uncle reads comics (sadly he couldn’t join us here in Florida this year for our annual tradition).  Comics are universal, something anyone can pick up and fall into.

We had an exhilarating weekend full of love and smiles that ended with a little boy lost in his own world while reading his comics.  I’m grateful we can continue our tradition here in Florida and that we found so many amazing comic shops.  I’ll be sure to list their information below if you’re in the are and would like to check them out.

Bonus half of the weekend:

Wait, our Free Comic Book Day had a bit extra this year!  We made a quick stop at Bark in the Park and watched the Pinellas Park Police Department give a demonstration on the work and training of a police dog.  The Pinellas Park Police are very friendly and involved with the community.


And then oddly enough after leaving the movie that evening we rescued a little dog from a busy area!  We are still searching for his home and hoping he has a great one to return too.  He’s been an awesome little house guest so far.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Mandy- Wild Red

Pinellas County Comic Shops:

Emerald City Comics

4902 113Th Ave N,  Clearwater, FL, 33760     (727) 398-2665

Comic World

1901 West Bay Drive
Unit 9
Largo, FL, 33770
(727) 656-5000
Pike’s Comics
2114 Drew Street
Suite A
Clearwater, FL, 33765
(727) 216-6582
Anime FIx
6185 Central Ave, St Petersburg, FL 33710     (727) 347-3020

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      • I’m sure they will. It’s my middle two (age 8 and 9) who are DC and Marvel obsessed and they went last year so now the oldest is going along with them. I’m staying home with the 5 year old who is envious but too young for all the talk sessions. When he’s old enough to attend, I’m sure I will be going along too.

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