Sunshine Skyway Bridge- A virtual drive & History

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

This past Saturday a dedication ceremony for the accident that brought down the Skyway Bridge was held at the North rest stop.

It’s difficult to believe something named Sunshine Skyway can have so much tragedy surrounding it.  The bridge was constructed in 1954 and stands at a height of 430 feet.  This scenic drive across the 4.1 mile bridge is fun for some and scary for others.  Its common to speak with people here and have a response of “I hold my breath until we cross”.  Personally I am thrilled to soak up the views.


wma26This past Saturday St. Petersburg mayor Rick Kriseman spoke at a dedication memorial at the Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge in remembrance of the collapse in 1980.  35 motorists died that day after a freighter crashed into the bridge.  It wasn’t until 1987 that the rebuild was complete.  In attendance were many family members of the victims and survivors as well.

This bridge is not only known for the accident but is also listed as the 4th most popular bridge for suicide and suicide attempts.  It’s difficult to think of such heartache so close to paradise, but it happens every day all over the world.  People feeling so hopeless think maybe they can catch a glimpse of the beauty as they exit but this is such a horrible way to go.  Sparing the details and simply put, this isn’t the answer.  If you or someone you love is suffering with thoughts of suicide and depression please seek or offer help.  Let’s not drive by on another life.  They are all worth saving.

wma1If visiting the area and traveling the bridge for the first time there is a toll fee of $1.25 per car.  We really appreciate Florida’s toll by plate system!  The Sunshine Skyway Bridge connects St. Petersburg to Terra Ceia.  wma2No matter which direction you start from you will find great places on either side to complete your travels and can even make a day of visiting the park areas at the rest stops on both the North and South bound rest stops.  Check out our day at the waterside post here.

Come take a virtual ride with us through the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  Enjoy the views!




wma17 wma22 wma23 wma24 wma25

Thanks for reading and please check out our quick (cell phone) video of our drive from the the south to north end of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  Have a great week!

Mandy- Wild Red

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* Please note all license plates and or faces will be blurred, cropped, or removed from our photos as to protect the identity of those photographed.  No photos of persons directly will be taken without prior consent.


12 thoughts on “Sunshine Skyway Bridge- A virtual drive & History

  1. How did we miss that bridge on our way through? I don’t know if I would have been thrilled or frightened to go over it.
    On the subject of suicide and bridges, Goggle ‘Finding Mike.’ We watched a program on a man’s quest to find the man who saved his life when he was about to jump off Waterloo Bridge in London. A very heart rending story about a man who cared enough to stop and talk.

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