Wading through the water- A day by the bridge

crab sunshine skyway bridge

Simple fun is the best kind of fun.  After all it isn’t stressful, doesn’t cost much, and is great for everyone.  That kind of sums up our days by the bridge.  Wading through the water may seem boring to some but the hours we spent searching for sea life, spotting dolphins, and just enjoying quiet family time is well worth the venture again and again.


Life easily traps us in the net of the hustle and bustle and electronic induced comas.  Why not break free for a few hours and take a “time out” outdoors like we did when we discovered the rest stops off of the Sunshine Skyway bridge.  Here you will find so many opportunities to fish, take the boat or kayak out, wade through the water, or even have a picnic and dolphin watch.  We learned so much about life in the water on our trip just by finding creatures, taking photos, and researching them later at home.

Want to have some fun?  Don’t be afraid to get wet and a little bit sandy.

1wmcrabEven just a brief drive through this area offered prime views right over the guardrails.  Peeking into the water we watched schools of fish rushing about and a crab about to bury himself.

Going, going, umm going, gone!

We eagerly looked about for 1wmcany sign of sea life and found no shortage of it.  The beautiful variety of fish that swam in and out of the clear waters eventually drew in a bottle nose dolphin who darted though the water getting his fill of food. A crowd shortly gathered and this dolphin did not disappoint with his speeds through the water.

waterside skyway bridgeBefore realizing how captivating it was here, we were drawn into the water by the beach area, good clothes and all.  There was so much more to see closer in.  The landscape gave way to rocky views with clear water and city sky lines in the distance.  This is when decisions were made to visit again and delve deeper into the coast line.

snowy egret

Upon returning we found many others enjoying the area.  Some were swimming while others fished for sting rays to use as shark bait.  The snowy egrets seemed to be the dominate bird in the area and we spotted them both on the beach and further down hidden in the mangroves.

snowy egret The highlight of our trips could easily be the many shelled creatures we spotted, handled, and learned about while wading down the mangrove lined shore.

shelled creaturesThere are so many unique things living in the waters and with clear views like these you can’t help but to explore further.

black birds and clear waters

sea creatures

sea snail

These fun cluster of crabs made an appearance as well.  They are called Mangrove Tree Crabs and can be spotted at several locations in Florida.  I wouldn’t recommend grabbing any crab if you’re faint of heart and not quick.  These are fun to watch as they scurry about and huddle in the trees.  We were shocked to find them in the deeper water but excited for the closer look.


Even if shelled and slimy water dwellers aren’t your thing the views and atmosphere are enough to call for a day out.  A time out from the normal, the routine, the every day kind of stuff we all fall into.  Take a break and breathe in life, enjoy it’s beauty.


sunshine skyway

If you haven’t caught our previous post on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge check it out here.  The rest stops we visited can be found off of both the North and South bound lanes.  Also, please always respect all wildlife and nature when venturing into places like these and take all safety precautions.

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day!

Mandy- Wild Red

sunshine skyway


14 thoughts on “Wading through the water- A day by the bridge

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  2. This is a really nice post. I’m going to be in Florida with the family next week and I’m looking forward to showing my 2yr old some of the wildlife that you are showing on here.

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  3. I was driving my daughter to high school early one morning and as I got to the top of the bridge I noticed a lone dolphin slipping through the still water below. Of course my teenager was half asleep and couldn’t have cared less at that moment..but all I could think was how blessed we are to live in a place like this..

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