What to do in paradise when you’re too busy to really do anything!

Lately I’ve been sitting at the crossroads of “no time to think about having no time” and enjoying the fact that we have been working so hard toward our goals.  I envisioned these moments since arriving here in Florida almost 10 months ago.  Yes not many dream of full days at work, coming home to more work, and too tired to not think about working, but I do!  I have dreamt of these times because I love to put in effort for our future and get excited about knocking those specific goals off the list.  Nothing feels better than laying down to sleep at night knowing you earned it.

While we have still been moving forward as planned our adventures have been halted.  This is ok because we still enjoy the outdoors as much as we can and that list of places we want to go will still be there when the time allows.

While busy work weeks can be overwhelming they don’t need to consume all of your time or take away from the enjoyment of life, especially in such an amazing place like here on the gulf.

How do you sneak in some fun time or outdoor time when you’re busy?

Here’s a few things we do:

  • Enjoy the commute.  I heard a few people say “What?!”  No seriously, traffic sucks but it can’t be avoided in most cases so make the best of it.  Make a special playlist of songs you love or an audio book.  Sing your heart out, smile, and (safely) take in the views when you can.  If you’re traveling with a loved one or friend spark fun conversations and get lost in the moments.  Enjoy the “downtime”.
  • Treat yourself to a quick dinner at an outdoor restaurant.  Strapped for cash?  Try ordering appetizers, they can be just as large as meals and sometimes better!
  • Spend time at your local park sitting and relaxing, take a walk, play with the kids, or sneak in a run.
  • Take your lunch picnic style.  Go the whole nine and bring a blanket.  Read a book or invite someone special.
  • Have a late night stroll down the beach.  Take in a sunset and reset yourself as the day winds down to a close.

Not every day needs to be a loss to working hours.  We could all use even 10 minutes a day to do something fun and enjoyable.  I hope to have some fun location blogs up again soon and also updates on the countdown to our first full year here on the gulf.  Thank you for reading and have an amazing week!

Mandy- Wild Red


9 thoughts on “What to do in paradise when you’re too busy to really do anything!

  1. It is sooo good to ‘see’ you here today. I was just thinking about you and wondering if for some reason I had missed a post. I am glad to see you have been living life. Just know you are thought of.

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  2. It’s been almost 20 years since I lived in a place where there was true traffic. I distinctly remember complaining about having to sit in traffic, but I also remember that I actually enjoyed sitting in traffic! I did some of the things you mentioned here – cranking up the radio and singing loudly, sightseeing, talking with friends who might be with me. Perhaps my young age contributed to the fussing, and probably too, having seen almost all others aroind me gripe and complain. I liked the “downtime” before or after work. I no longer have that. It takes me about 10 mins to get to work. Not that I’m complaining about that, but sitting in traffic for 20 minutes on a nice Summer day, windows rolled down, stereo up does bring back memories!

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