Breathe it in, Let it go


Ever become so caught up in your commute or running errands that you pass by something serene on a regular basis?  How much of a hurry are we really in that 5, 10, or even 15 minutes to stop and breathe it in would hurt?

Take the time.  Breathe deep and love life again.  Lose yourself looking off 2into the distance.  Listen hard to the birds, water lapping, and people conversing in the distance.  Reconnect then move forward.  Stress is a gigantic factor in many ailments and spills into our relationships.  Stop it in its tracks today.

The photos shared with this post were taken at Lake Maggiore in St. Pete.  This small little park is easily seen from a busy road and I’m certain passed by often by commuters.  I couldn’t help but to (not-so-quietly) sing Sitting by the Dock of the Bay to myself as I lost all that mind clutter staring out over the water.  Something about a serene view and an Otis Redding playlist that will reset your soul from even some of the the harshest of days.  I have no shame in singing loudly and smiling to myself while I work on getting my happy back during rough and long days.  Do something for you today!  Bloggers orders!


Enjoy your day and thank you for reading!

Mandy- Wild Red



10 thoughts on “Breathe it in, Let it go

  1. Very nice post. I enjoyed your photos. I could sit on that dock in the first photo for hours. What a beautiful place. You can tell that place is full of wildlife and it would be nice to sit an watch them as they go about their day.

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