Florida’s Gulf Coast Storms and The Arcade- Making a rainy weekend fun


Early this week Tropical Storm Ericka began approaching Florida and we all went on high alert watching and waiting.  While luckily the storm died down and began to lessen as it approached it still left us with a very wet weekend and possible flooding ahead.  We took our time this weekend to take a drive down the the Gulf Coast line as the thunderstorms rolled in and out of the area.  Even though it wasn’t the usual green sea, bright sky beauty, it was kind of beautiful in it’s own right.


The grey skies intensified the colors of the cheerfully painted houses and shops as we cruised down the coast starting from Clearwater beach and s1ending in Pass A Grille.  Thunder rolled through the skies at times as parts of the roads filled with water.  Sand blew about whipping in the winds up against the car as we passed by.  It was a drive I would recommend trying but only in lesser storms for safety reasons.

The day doesn’t always need to be lost because of a clouds and rain.  We enjoyed our drive and then filled our bellies with some good food on a covered restaurant deck before heading off to Treasure Island Fun Center in Seminole.


s7This little place housed so many fun arcade games for all ages and skill levels.  We were happy to find it was reasonably priced and as for the prizes, they too were worth more value for lesser tickets than most arcades.

This was a great way to spend a rainy day.  And as you may be able to see below, we kind of hit the jackpot in arcade tickets!  Woo Hoo!  This weekend was all about our son.  In such busy times it’s easy to not put priority on our littles ones most basic need to just be a kid.  So that’s what we all did with our weekend, we played, spent time together, and had fun.





How did you spend your stormy weekend?  To all in the path of the storms please be cautious and we hope you all stay safe!  Thanks for reading.

The Wild Red Family



5 thoughts on “Florida’s Gulf Coast Storms and The Arcade- Making a rainy weekend fun

  1. You and your family are the first people I thought of as I saw the storm Ericka was going to hit Florida, especially in your area. Glad to hear you are well and despite the storms you went off on an adventure and enjoyed yourself. Nice photos. Stay safe and dry!

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  2. Love your post. Seems like we Floridians (even transplants like me) are much more oriented towards Hurricane Parties than Hurricane Worries! 🙂


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