What a boo-tiful October Florida has given us!


October flew past us so quickly!  Sometimes I wish I could hold onto time just a little while longer.  It’s not easy ending such great weekends and outings so soon.  October was a family oriented type of month for us here.  The closeness, cuddles, and giggles filled most of our time.

If you’re anywhere in or near the Pinellas County area you too enjoyed gorgeous weather almost daily.  Sunshine abound, beautiful breezes, and lovely scenery laid way to each event we enjoyed this past month.  Being our second October here we decided to re-visit some of our favorites from the previous year.

4The St. Pete Science Festival was a hit yet another year in a row.  It’s because of these great learning fun opportunities that Busy decided he wants to be a scientist when he grows up.  We want to do whatever we can to harbor that love of learning.  You never know when life can lay the groundwork to your child’s future so why not try many things!  Visit http://www.stpetescifest.org for information on future events.

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Of course there were also many safe alternate trick-or-treating venues and events throughout the county.  We are new to the holiday but decided to let out little one venture and enjoy, as long as candy is readily shared that is!

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10Every year comic book shops across the nation hold Halloween ComicFest Days.  It’s kind of a smaller version of free comic book day held in May but can be just as fun.  Comic shops have dozens of comics where each patron can choose 3 for free and also get in on other freebies as well.

This year we got Jurassic World Park Passes and enjoyed foam sword fighting.  Don’t let the word “foam” fool you, this is some intense sword play/training and was so much fun to see C out there smiling and having fun.  If you’re interested in full contact weapon combat check out The Vargar Company.


We loved the weather, the outings, and the company this October brought us.  Hopefully you too had an amazing October full of blessings and here’s to an even better November.

Thanks for reading!

Mandy- Wild Red


6 thoughts on “What a boo-tiful October Florida has given us!

  1. Another of your nice posts from Florida, Mandy. Nice to see the scenery and all the adventures of your family. Living in Florida in the winter would certainly be my cup of tea. The older I get the less I like cold weather. Happy November to you.

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