Clear your mind at Flora Whylie Park St Pete

Flora Whylie Park-

I’m convinced the cure for boredom lives in St Pete.  Bored?  Let’s go downtown.  Bored?  Let’s take a walk by the water.  Bored?  Let’s go shopping or to the movies.

Flora Whylie Park is one of those ‘bored day’ type of visits.  Now being 1from Pennsylvania the word park immediately brings forth an image in mind of green trees, open space, playgrounds, picnic tables, and nature trails.  I’ve found down here that parks can be so many things, and I’m always up for the beautiful surprises.

9Our visit came in late summer after a day out.  We found this beautiful spot completely by accident as we have never been this far up from the downtown area.  The park is surrounded by beautiful houses, docks filled with boats to the side, and a great city view.


The deconstruction of the St. Pete Pier

Lush greenery lines many walkways leading up to the water’s edge.  You get an immediate sense of what St. Pete is all about at this park, a great mix of community and nature.

Flora Whylie park is the place to go if you still want to be close to all the city happenings but need that peaceful stroll and maybe even just to look out into the water for awhile.  You’ll find many spots to sit and even great pathways for a run or bike ride.


Our first visit was for a date.  Imagine finding a beautiful place on the way to somewhere else then taking a peaceful walk hand in hand with your love while soaking in all the sights and sounds.  Quietly we strolled through at first just listening to the birds, laughter, fishing lines pulling out amazing catches, and the breeze.  I could feel his hand tightly holding onto mine as I couldn’t help but to smile with my face in the warm sun.  We then nestled into a shaded spot and talked for hours while watching the boats on the water.  By the time we left I felt a sense of peace and closeness that I knew only a place like this could offer.  It was perfect!


Of course we had to come back again and again as I’m sure you can see why by the photos.  If you need a reset or a new place to get that cardio in check out this little park and enjoy it just as it is, simple and serene.



Thank you so much for stopping by and reading!  Have a beautiful first week of November!

Mandy- Wild-Red

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9 thoughts on “Clear your mind at Flora Whylie Park St Pete

  1. Another beautiful post Mandy. I have been to St. Petersburg and it is wonderful in that area. We spent several hours fishing, walking the beaches, walking around the area. Wonderful. A great place to relax and spend the day.

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