Jake’s Cantina -A day in the town of Indian Rocks

IMG_0020 copy$2 taco signs get me every single time.  Seriously.  If you want my business go ahead, put one up, I’ll be there.

My love of cheap tacos hasn’t always led to good meals but that was far from what we experienced at Jake’s Cantina.  A spontaneous drive along Gulf Blvd lead to growling stomachs and a U-turn once we spotted this great little restaurant.

Stepping inside it was very reminiscent of a New York street side restaurant where you order at the counter then have a seat in a separate area. Some of my best meals have come out of those types of places!

We lined up to order and thank God there was a line because some time being indecisive made me change my mind from ordering tacos to getting a huge plate of nachos done my way.

20151212_133304 copyThe staff was super friendly, patient, and smiling despite what seemed to be a consistently growing line.  I realized once I started my order that my nachos for 1 could’ve fed many but hey, it was some what shared with my husband so that counts.  And that’s love folks!

C ordered soft tacos giving care to try various meats in each. Sorry there will be no photographs of these because they were quickly devoured as I photographed my own meal. Oh the carnage, or carne asada?

At Jake’s you get to choose a base, cheeses, meats, sauces, and 20151212_134814 copytoppings with not really any limits. The red salsa was amazing!  We sat in the comfortable vibrant dinning room off to the left of the ordering area and found advertisements for a neighboring restaurant, Crabby Bill’s (Next on our list to try!).


This is a must if you’re in the Indian Rocks Beach area.  Turn it into a date like we did.  Cheap lunch in a fun and upbeat place and then a stroll down the beach and back up through town.  I’m falling more and more in love with these Florida winters.  It was a beautiful sunny 80 degree day.

IMG_0018 copy

Jake’s Cantina we will be back and Crabby Bills we will see you soon!  Thanks for reading!


Mandy- Wild Red

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IMG_0011 copy


8 thoughts on “Jake’s Cantina -A day in the town of Indian Rocks

  1. Funny! We seem to be heading in different directions lately when I visit my sister but we have been missing the small stretch by Crabby Bills. The surf gulf side has been awful so that might be part of the reason we have not been in the area.

    I am a sucker for those kind of places too and thankfully Brevard and Volusia County have an over population of cheap taco restaurants. They keep me alive!

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