Workout in a way that doesn’t feel like working out- A New Year and a better you

How many times have you set yourself up for failure?  You set a New Year’s resolution to workout and be healthier knowing how much you dread working out or going to a gym then beat yourself up for tossing another goal into the ‘didn’t do it’ bin.  Most resolutions are fitness based and most motivation dies out before we even see the end of January.  How can this year be different?  Know yourself!  What do you like?  What can you do?  How can you maintain it?  If you love the gym, routines, and working out perfect because you’re set to go!  But if you’re like many of us a less structured more life based plan will benefit you more and for a longer period of time.  Try some of the ideas listed below and find what works for you.

Creative ways to workout that don’t feel like working out

  • Play Sports-  Whether you’re more into casual games of basketball or want to go all in by joining a local team this is a great way to burn calories.  Baseball, tennis, basketball, football, and soccer all work various muscle groups and are great for getting that cardio in.  Get friends and family involved, team fitness effort!
  • Fishing and Cast netting- Not lazy sitting on the dock fishing, were talking wading the waters and active fishing.  This is a low key lower calorie burn activity but also consider how you’ll also be eating healthier with you catch.  Cast netting is also an great way to work those arms!  If you haven’t tried before I recommend picking one up and giving it a go.
  • Run, walk, or jog-  This may not be everyone’s cup of tea (not always mine) but the variations can make it fun.  Go on an adventurous hike on a scenic trail, jog down the beach stopping often to take in the views, or do a few laps around your favorite park.  Add difficulty to this by finding harder terrain and inclines.  So even if you go slow you’re still reaping the benefits.
  • Play with the kids and be a kid!  Kids have insurmountable energy, always.  Try chasing your kids or nieces and/or nephews at the park running through playground equipment.  Utilize monkey bars and climb latter.  Remember when that felt effortless to you as a child?  Yep, now you’ll feel the burn after an hour and the little ones will be forever grateful you gave them that time.
  • Ride a bike.  Much like running and walking bikes can go almost anywhere and possibly much further depending on your goals and drive.  Choose any location, go solo or with a partner, and just enjoy the wind in your face.  Try adding a level of motivation by hooking on a GoPro and making chronicles of your journey.
  • Swimming- Whether you’re a great swimmer or more of a wader you’ll still burn calories and have fun doing it.  This is amazing for anyone with joint pain or injuries because being in the water relieves the weight from those areas.  It’s a great and fun way to get started.
  • Water Sports- This is probably the workout you’ll least notice until the next morning when you feel the burn!  Kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and canoeing all offer fun ways to work your body.

Fitness doesn’t always have to be lost time to a gym, it can also mean lifestyle change and a very new active life for you and your family.  Make it fun and also create goals that are right for you.  Start the new year off feeling accomplished.


This is our last post for 2015!  We here at Wild Red would like to wish you a very safe and very happy New Year!  May 2016 grant you many adventures.

Thanks for reading (and see you all next year!)

Mandy- Wild Red


12 thoughts on “Workout in a way that doesn’t feel like working out- A New Year and a better you

  1. I never make New Year’s resolutions, so I have no problem. I do like the ways you have suggested getting exercise. I prefer doing exercise any natural way without a gym involvement. I am currently doing 30 minutes of exercise a day in different ways in my home and outside in my 3 acre yard. Nice post. Have a great 2016 Mandy.

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  2. I am a big believer that fitness should not be like a chore to be checked off the list. Being active should be playful, enjoyable and fun! My best playground is the great outdoors while exploring and adventuring, especially photographing. I am constantly bending, squatting, kneeling, laying, etc. while photographing. I am constantly doing stairs throughout my home and work environment – live on the 2nd floor, work on the 3rd floor – plus both have pretty good size parking lots. Just bringing in groceries living in an apartment is a arm and leg workout.

    A Very Happy New Year – Happy Adventuring – 2016!!!

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    • Yes I agree 100%! You put it so well with movements we may not otherwise consider to be a workout. Even carrying the camera and anywhere from 10-15 lbs of equipment is an added benefit. We even add extra water on our trips for more weight😊. This stairs workouts are the best too (I secretly miss my stairs). Thank you so much for reading and for your amazing ideas😊. Have a great 2016!!


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