Gone Fishing- Dunedin, Florida


I’m far from being the party girl, the center of the crowd girl, the out shopping kind of girl.  Me, I’m more of the digging in mud and sand for creatures , lost (on purpose) in the woods, and quiet time with those I care for most kind of girl.  Gratefully I married a man that shares my values and favorite ways of being because there’s a great divide between those who enjoy entire days spend waterside fishing while day dreaming out loud and those who don’t.

1Something magical happens to you when you’re able to sit in silence fishing alone but when you can share that experience with family and even the friendly locals neighboring your fishing spot, you are guaranteed to leave with an uplifting feeling that can’t be found anywhere else.

7We love the waterfront town of Dunedin not only for the spectacular views but also the sense of community.  Busy so was thrilled that after approaching some local kids with questions about their catches they took the time to coach him on cast netting and stuck by to help out.  It was a great sight, watching kids come together to be active outdoors all while ensuring everyone felt welcome.  Too often we’re bombarded with images of kids doing “wrong” or being mean to others and more often moments like these showcasing the good nature children have gone unnoticed.


Dunedin for most will be thought of as the Scottish Town in Pinellas County with the abundance of local shops, eateries, Honeymoon Island and an old world feel.  For us however, Dunedin is about the water, conversations, a fun drive, and fishing.  This little town is worth a trip no mater which way you’ll remember it.

4This is how we spent our Pre-New Year and the beginning of our 2016.  We mostly caught smaller fish, but bait is bait  Next trip will be for dinner!

If you’re reeling from passing holiday stress or maybe looking to fill in for leftover time off do yourself a favorite and take a day to go fishing.



Hopefully all of our readers had an amazing holiday!  Thanks for reading and and extra special thanks for Busy’s Grandma for making his fishing dreams come true this Christmas.


Mandy- Wild Red




9 thoughts on “Gone Fishing- Dunedin, Florida

  1. Beautiful post Mandy, love your photos. Fishing is relaxing, I have been a fisher lady most of my life. A tomboy. Love to be outside, dig in the dirt, relax quietly and let all the things God created calm my mind. Your family and you are sharing your lives and enjoying yourselves together and that is wonderul. I have always done that with my husband and my daughter and it is wonderul. Nature is great.

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