Heritage Village- Walking Through Florida History


Historical Places always draw me in, especially when they really give you a sense of living in that time period.  At Heritage Village you can walk from house to house and even stores and churches learning of their origin and ways of life.  We as a society are too connected to modern conveniences and forget the importance of life before our time.  This village is not only a great family day trip but completely free.


Located in Largo of Pinellas County Heritage Village is a great way to do something a bit different than the normal trail and beach trips.  Tour actual homes, schools, churches, and stores from the 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Each building is filled with time period accurate items.







Our favorite part had to be the auto shop/store and also the train station.  At the store you can purchase “newer” old style cokes that will be rung up on an early 1900’s register.





H3Most museum sets are very stagnant with roped off rooms where you stand feet away viewing displays and walking in a straight line through the exhibits (much like the Fort Hunter Mansion Museum where I’m from in Harrisburg, PA).  Not here though, tour and explore!  Heritage Village is far from being an ordinary museum.  You enter the buildings with up-close looks at all of the items.  Even walking down the pathways toward your next building is exciting because each is so different you’re not certain what lies ahead.


Another fun, active, and educational outing nestled in Pinellas County.  This isn’t a far trip from the beach if you’re visiting.  Be prepared to walk and be sure to check out the Botanical Gardens which is also free and neighbors the village.  Visit our post on the Botanical Gardens HERE.


Thanks for reading!

Mandy- Wild Red





11 thoughts on “Heritage Village- Walking Through Florida History

  1. Wow Mandy, how neat. This is a great post and a view into the past. I looked at the blue coffee cups on the table and said, “I have had coffee in those before and, believe me, those cups get hot (made of metal).” I love looking at things from the past but, like our modern conveniences. A+ for this post. I am positive you enjoyed your trip to Heritage Village.

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  2. So glad you’ve shared this location. I went to Palm Coast’s agricultural museum over the Christmas break (and got some “interesting” pictures), but it looks like Heritage Village is far more extensive. Loving the pictures, and thank you for sharing!

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  3. Great story and pictures from this neat outing! I have actually worked (my first summer job in my early teens up north) at a switchboard almost like the one you have pictured, maybe little more modern 🙂

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