What to wear for a Florida Winter

The one question I am asked most is, “What should I pack for my winter trip to Florida?”  Winters here can be unexpected for some and many will “feel” the temperatures very differently.  When packing it’s always a good idea to just go with interchangeable pieces until you know how you’ll endure and how mother nature will treat you.

We meet all kinds of people here from all over the world.  Florida is great like that!  Depending on where a person is from and what temperatures they are accustom to will weigh heavily on how the perceive the Florida Winter we’ve come to know here.  I feel horrible every time I read how some one had a a bad trip due to being cold and uncomfortable during their time here.  Most expect it’s sunny Florida so should be warm all the time.  While the best time to visit is in the fall winter can also be very beautiful and fun but needs a little something extra to make it great!

In one weeks time we can go from the lower 40’s to high 80’s and the humidity can jump anywhere at any time.  Making the best of your vacation or even preparing for a relocation here will be best suited if you are ready for anything.  Even when going out for the day we try to wear our layers or bring hoodies and sweaters just in case.

Packing for winter on the beach


When packing choose pieces in color schemes that all work well together no matter how you change them out.  Aim for basics like jeans, shorts, and simple tops then add in cardigans and shoes.  Find outfits with pieces that can all be changed out and layer up or down to work with any given day.

Prepare for Florida and our wonderful temperatures and you will have an amazing time here!  Thanks for reading!


Mandy- Wild Red



11 thoughts on “What to wear for a Florida Winter

  1. We visited Florida in January 2015 to see if we wanted to move here and yes Clearwater Beach was not all that Beachy when we stayed in that area.Like you said be prepared and pack layers. We do have stores and malls here to grab a sweatshirt, sweater, a pair of jeans, or shoes. We always carry water and layering pieces when out and about along with shades and a good wide brim hat. Florida is a lot warmer than other places and I will stay here and endure the 50 degree temps for a bit 🙂 Happy Day – Enjoy!

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  2. Nice post Mandy. People fail to realize – that at times, even the Southern states have winter. We wear layers in Arkansas. There are days in winter when we start out at 25 degrees and end up at 60 degrees in the afternoon. When we travel anywhere we always have a variety of clothing. Nice to let those that visit Florida know to pack for the unexpected.

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