Botanical Gardens- Pinellas County

b5Flowers were never quite my thing.  In fact I killed (not intentionally) almost all (nope, all) plants and flowers that were given to me over the years.  Even the ones my mom would lovingly gift to me with instructions and a very ensuring “These will last through almost anything.”  Well one did, once.  I kept it alive for a month and thus named it, but sadly Siegfried’s demise was already destined when he was placed into my care.

While I am not the flower keeping type of girl the colors, shapes, and anything nature fascinate me and hold my imagination hostage.  I love walking through massive gardens and losing my thoughts on how amazing God’s creations are.  Over the years watching my mom who is this amazing florist put together arrangements and gardens of her own with such ease has always brought me a smile.


Over the holiday break we found a little garden nestled in Largo right next to Heritage Village (read about our visit HERE).  Botanical Gardens is a free, open to the public garden with such a beautiful setup people even go here to get married.

b8During our visit they had holiday lights up for a special night time event they held.  The colors of the light, plants, stonework, and even the benches all played so beautifully off one another.  It was a fun experience.

What caught our attention the most at the Botanical Gardens were the numerous bamboo bunches growing all throughout the garden.  Especially the yellow bamboo.

It was a warm day in December, the best day for an active outing like this.  Some spots offered up full sun exposure while others shaded us completely as we wound up down and around the pathway.


Toward the end at the wedding garden we passed a wedding in procession.  A quick peek in and all I saw were smiles.  I hope they had an amazing day!


This is a great stop for anyone wanting some active time outdoors with renewed scenery.  Take some time today to stop by and learn more about what and who keeps this garden growing.


Thanks for reading!

Mandy- Wild Red



6 thoughts on “Botanical Gardens- Pinellas County

  1. Nice post. Botanical gardens are always nice to visit. We have a fantastic Botanical garden to visit in Hot Springs. Nice pictures. Sorry your thumb is so brown and you kill all those plants. lol Hope all is well with your family, saw the tornadoes in your area and you popped into my mind immediately. Take care.

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