Frustrating Day in Paradise

The flu made itself welcome in our home recently and isn’t leaving soon enough.  Aside from that and the previous below normal temperatures, I find myself couch bound on a stormy and finally warmer day.  I don’t like being immobile in the least, in fact my mind has already gone fishing hours ago.

Storms have ripped through our area here in Pinellas County today and knocked the power out.  So immobile and disconnected.  See my path to frustration yet?

When I’m not feeling well and can’t exert extra energy, I work (from home).  OK, no power can’t continue that (was cut short doing so when the explosion went off outside).  I also love doing extra for my family when in this state like baking goodies and cooking extra large meals.  Hmm, again no power and can’t eat let alone look at food so nope, no go.

I could drag you down with a list of what I can’t enjoy or knock off my to-do list today in paradise but I’d rather turn this frown (rather headache inducing grimace at this point) upside down.


-Listen to music on my phone
-Read a book or comic
-Finish my goals calendar (also one of my goals, ahem!)
-Edit photos with whatever battery remains
-Enjoy the peaceful quiet moment this has given me

Sick days and bad weather don’t have to mean down and out.  Make the best of every moment!

Now to conserve phone battery!  Have a great and safe day whether you’re here in the storms or north in the snow!  Thanks for reading!!

Mandy- Wild Red


Cell phone snapshot- if you can always dance in the rain!


12 thoughts on “Frustrating Day in Paradise

  1. Sorry you are sick, out of power, unable to enjoy life, and have no energy to exert. Wish I could pass you a bowl of chicken soup through this comment. Get well soon and I hope your circumstances improve in the near future. xxxooo

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