Winter on Honeymoon Island

HMI5The contrast between our old hometown and new hometown has been an obvious 24 inches of snow on the ground over this weekend.  While they’re digging out up North we are bundling up down South and braving the winds.

Cabin fever is a phrase I didn’t see myself using since moving down here but I landed on the old feeling about halfway through a week with the flu.  Stir crazy and feeling better we needed something to do and beautiful views had to be on the must have list.  I missed being near water.


Honeymoon Island disappointed us the first time we visited but we don’t give up easily and knew we would be back.  Arriving just 4 minutes before the discount rate kicked in we had to pay full price for less than an hour at the park but who wants to wait?  The penny pincher in me is saying, “You should have, duh!”

It was cold and very windy reaching a low 49 degrees on the island.  The waves have been strong here which is unusual for our Gulf Coast waters.  We walked about with hoodies, jeans, boots,  and even a blanket while searching for shells at our feet.  Silly me I forgot the number one rule for photographers (Situational Awareness) and ended up with wet feet at some point due to a surge in the tide.  Oops!  Was the shot worth it?  They all are!HMI4

I wanted so badly to continue around the island and even some of the trail to visit the Bald Eagles I’ve read so much about but the cold and my achy healing body thwarted our plans.  Even though it was a freezing day out we returned home much more at ease and able to relax with the restlessness behind us.  I would much rather have days like this freezing by the beach than days snowed in fighting over milk and bread at the grocery stores.

Stay safe to our Northern friends and readers and hang in there to those of us down South, it will warm up soon!  Thanks for reading!!

Mandy- Wild Red



12 thoughts on “Winter on Honeymoon Island

  1. These El Nino winters produce some pretty brutal weather in Florida. That storm a few weeks ago had me griping the bed due to the high wind and the thunder. Today was not the warmest day either. But as stated…at least we are not having a nor easter here and digging snow out of our yards.

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  2. Glad to see you managed to get out for some NATURE. Love your photos, I love the beach, it has a been too long since I have been to the beach. You have to watch those waves coming in to keep your feet Hope that did not set you back on feeling bad. Very unusual for Florida to stay that cold that long. Here’s to warmer weather. In a few days Arkansas will be in the 60s, so I am sure Florida will warm up.

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