Be Wildly Simple

This year I quietly set out to do something slightly different in my life.  Simplify things.  Life gets too crowded at times whether physically or mentally.  A scheduled clean out needs to be a part of all our routines for constant self improvement.  My first actual attempt at this began with the not-so-simple but easy outcome list below.  Simplify your life and become better with much less!

  • Re-evaluate those in your life- Misery loves company but do you love the misery?  Break free from those who leave you with anything other than feeling great!
  • Re-consider social and virtual outlets- How much time do you spend online in a week?  Calculate it and determine if it’s too much.  Budget your time wisely and process it into more fruitful ventures.
  • Clean out and pair down (clothes and household goods)- A clean and organized home is a happy and healthy home!  Tackle the closets, pantry, and everything between.  Then sit back and enjoy!
  • Pack your car well-  Less trips back home=more time out.  Pack extra clothes for chilly or rainy weather, snacks, and shoes.  Give yourself excuses to stay out longer.
  • Let go of the past (told you it wouldn’t be easy)-  {Insert massive struggle face} Yes this isn’t easy but it’s worth it.  Imagine a bag on your back you fill with bad moments you come across in your life.  Each bad moment gets a weight value and you keep adding.  Overtime even in good times you will feel that weight from the past bad times heavily pushing you down.  Is it worth it?  Answer is always no so work hard to let it go.
  • Check the fridge and reassess your diet-  Preparation leads to better choices.  Clean and season meats before freezing, portion and pre-bag snacks, and keep healthier choices on hand.
  • Enjoy more simple active activities-  When is the last time you took a simple walk and couldn’t stop smiling because of the peaceful feeling it left you with?  Don’t always overthink exercise.  Dial it back and try going for a casual swim, a long walk, or even a bike ride.
  • Mind your business-  Mmhm!  You know what I’m talking about, we all get caught up in it.  Let’s actively try to not speak unless we have something nice to say.  Gossip is one of the larger causes of problems in our lives.  And remember the friend that talks to you about someone is more than likely talking about you to others.
  • Anger is yours, your responsibility-  Ever hear the phrase “he who angers you controls you”?  This is because anger is all on you.  You decide when it’s necessary and when you will let it out.  Don’t let small things anger you.  Try calming techniques and work on that self control.  You’ll feel much more centered when you do!
  • Be quiet-  How many times a day do we waste words?  In today’s society we say much more than is needed.  Think about it and listen to others as well as yourself (even journal what you say for a day).  All those times we expressed our every thought or frustration, made comments, or talked about the same topic over and over.  When did silence become a bad thing?
  • Get away from it all-  Take a break.  Whether it’s quick and on a lunch break, for a weekend, or longer get away.  Time away really does give you strength to tackle the every day stuff.
  • Stress=Mess- A stress filled mind is a messy mind.  Clear it out.  Sort your stress into a list of can I fix it and how or redirect.
  • Make clear attainable goals- Goals are good for us.  They keep us moving and fighting to be better but out of reach goals create stress, depression, and anxiety.  Set stepping stone goals and be realistic.  If you have a dream that seems out of reach now visualize and create steps to get you there and happily climb your way there.


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Mandy- Wild Red




4 thoughts on “Be Wildly Simple

  1. Love this post Mandy. You are very wise for someone your age. My daughter and I constantly clean out our homes. In fact we both got so carried away 2 months ago that our family members were trying to protect their posessions. lol
    I am trying very hard to leave the past in the past. I am not becoming friends with anyone that is a gossip, I hate gossip. And, I have decided to take this day to run away with my husband, and my camera to enjoy new scenery and have a great lunch somewhere along the way. Thanks for all your good advice. xxx

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  2. Loving your post today – thanks so much for sharing 🙂 Our house has been packed up for a year now and hopefully soon we can unpack and make ourselves a home here for a while. We are in the process of purchasing a house and hopefully by June can start really settling in. Happy Day – Enjoy!

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