The Beach Tampa

the beach tampa bill pit wild red instagram photoImagine diving into a gigantic ball pit in the middle of the city.  If you’re from the area or visiting you have heard news of The Beach Tampa.  No this isn’t a sand and water type of beach.  This beach is an arena filled with 1.2 million white balls and surrounded by mirrors to reflect the endlessness of a real beach.  Adorned with lifeguard chairs, and floaties you really felt a sense of playfulness approaching “the waters”.  I even requested our son test the temperature before we proceeded in behind. 

amalie arena the beach tampa wild redThis event was held at the Amalie Arena in Tampa which is a great area to explore!  Parking was free for ticket holders and the wait time reasonable, but with views like this who wouldn’t mind an early arrival?  We didn’t.

The surrounding areas of the beach were set up just like a real beach with lounge chairs and beach balls abounds.  This free event was quite crowded on our visit as I imagine every day had been.

tampa florida the beach tampa wild red

We secured our tickets online prior to visiting and you had a choice to stay up to 45 minutes per visit.  Entering the ball pit seemed easy enough until I fell the first time.  Who knew standing back up would be so hard with a camera and phone in hand!   With so many balls you would slowly sink, almost as if sitting in quicksand.  The entire area was full of adults and kids all playing pretend, smiling, snapping photos, and having fun.

the beach tampa wild red self

Crowd and all it was a fun event and our Busy boy had a blast!  We are grateful for Snarkitecture for choosing our area to build this bin of fun.  For more information check out The Beach Tampa website here.

Our tickets were for late in the evening which made for an amazing drive back to Pinellas County that night.  The sun lit these massive clouds on fire as it slowly dipped below the horizon leaving the sky with a pre-armageddon feel.  We almost follow this fireball in the sky as it lowered closer and closer to land.

i275 tampa highway wild redi275 tampa highway clouds sky florida wild red

We had a great evening out and about in Tampa thanks to The Beach Tampa event!  This is just another great reason to always be on the look out for free events in your area, you really never know what you’ll find.  For more photos check out #TheBeachTampa on instagram and us to @Wildly_Wild_Red.


Thanks for reading!

Mandy- Wild Red

The beach tampa city wild red


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