Moccasin Lake Park Clearwater Florida

owl moccasin lake rescue clearwater florida wild redThis past weekend we took full advantage of the break in the rain (and pre-hurricane gorgeous weather) to get out and explore.  Cabin fever strikes our home quickly, so we take any opportunity to move and be outdoors.

Moccasin Lake Nature Park offered us a great Sunday out by filling us with knowledge, and then releasing us to the wild to walk off those pesky ants in the pants from not moving much all week.

This park houses a rescue for many species of Florida’s wildlife.  We were so grateful for an amazing employee of the Park named Heather.  She spent so much time with us answering questions and giving us valuable information.  Many of the animals they care for have either been injured previously or were human imprints and no longer had the instinct to hunt as they looked to humans for care.

Some of the raptors they house have been there a very long time, including a wonderful vulture named Elvis, who is an imprint, who has been with the rescue since the 1980’s.  If you turtle blueberry moccasin lake clearwater florida wild redvisit, please spend some time visiting him, you’ll see why he became our favorite!

Many of the other raptors here are injury rescues who have injured wings or damaged eyes.
You can spend some time inside the center and venturing the many outdoor areas to learn more about each rescue.  Don’t be shy to ask questions, as we found the staff to be very warm and knowledgeable.

If you take your time going through the park you may get to see many of the resident peacocks who wonder the grounds.  We spotted them while driving in (be careful), at the rescued raptor area, and on the trails.

The trail at Moccasin Lake will offer many ways to learn and explore!  There is a butterfly trail, a windmill, and a lake.  Beside the obvious health benefits of getting out for a walk, this is a great mind workout as well if you choose to learn about the environment around you.

Boardwalk trail moccasin lake clearwater florida wild red

My favorite part was the rare treat. To see a pond FULL of tadpoles!  This was exciting for me as a frog lover and a great opportunity to show Busy the life stages of a frog up close.

tadpoles moccasin lake clearwater florida wild red

We were able to find and identify raccoon tracks on our journey, before the boardwalk trail led us to the lake where we sat for a rest while enjoying the view.

Many times we go on an adventure hoping to see many creatures and leave maybe only with one sighting or none.  While we still enjoy those outings, having multiple finds on one trip is always very thrilling, and we’re gratefully that Moccasin Lake gave us that!

turtle moccasin lake clearwater florida wild redlizard moccasin lake clearwater florida wild red

If you would like to visit Moccasin Lake Nature Park, their hours are Thursday- Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday 12pm- 4pm.  Give yourself enough time to explore all the park has to offer, as you will get lost in the wild, as we did!

For more information please visit Moccasin Lake Nature Park here and if you find wildlife in need of rescue visit Florida Fish and Wildlife so that animal has a chance at a second life.  The faster an animal is rehabilitated the more chance it has of being returned to the wild.

Thank you for reading and if you visit the park please share your experience with us!  Have a great weekend!

Mandy- Wild Red

trail moccasin lake clearwater florida wild redflora moccasin lake clearwater florida wild red


9 thoughts on “Moccasin Lake Park Clearwater Florida

  1. Ohh wow, haven’t been to this one, looks amazing, I’ll be sure to check it out in Feb.Thank you Mandy. Awesome photos. I’m always looking for a new nature park to go to, lord knows there’s many to choose from;)!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Great – I hope you saw Serge, the Bald Eagle 🙂 I remember we talked about doing an outing together to Honeymoon Island or to Caladesi last winter. But then I got busy with my project for the UN Refugee Agency and traveled a lot in Africa, Middle East and Europe. This winter I expect to have more time, so if you (and fam) want to team up, I’d love to go back there 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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