Taking time for tea- Our cozy Florida Autumn


Tea time has been known for centuries as a social time, a time for tradition, for health, self care, and a time for comfort.  Tea time is my time.  It’s been a long week but I know stealing a moment to regain my zen is always within reach.

Baby it’s cold outside.  No not really, I live in Florida but we can pretend.

celebration-teas6Drinking a hot cup of tea brings me back to chilly autumn nights in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  I would curl up on the sofa, book in hand, but mostly just lose myself staring into the mountains that stood proudly outside my windows.  I would forget everything else during that time.  The warmth of the tea felt so comforting and my mind wandered the world as it thought through everything in those forests in front of me.  I always seemed to take a little extra care when preparing those moments for myself from the soft comfortable socks right down to the care with which the honey was drizzled into my cup.  I get warm fuzzies just thinking about it.


I have always been an all year round tea drinker and different surrounding have not changed my love for that hot cup and lost mind.  Every day we rush through life, having a reminder to forget is a great feeling.


celebration-teas1Loose leaf teas have always been my favorite!  They have a much bolder taste and brew not to mention the bonus digestive health benefits.  I recently received a coupon to try this sampler filled with some of my favorite black and green teas and decided to share these moments with my son.  It’s been awhile since he and I had any downtime together and what better way to try something new then with those you love.


We took the time to choose one of the specially labeled teas, prepare the kettle, steep the leaves to our liking, and set a beautiful table to enjoy our labors.  Relaxed and grateful for the time together we were now ready to begin our day and excited for the next time.


Passing a tradition of health and well being is one lesson we often miss but it’s never too late to begin.  If you would like to try the premium loose leaf teas mentioned and pictured in this post please visit their listing found here to purchase.

Thank you for reading!

Mandy- Wild Red


2 thoughts on “Taking time for tea- Our cozy Florida Autumn

  1. Love your tea set! I’ve definitely had the teas and “fall leaves” candles out…praying Central Florida stays decently chilly!!


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