Hanging out in the Hammock at Philippe Park in Safety Harbor

busy-wild-redMany places call to us but few beg us to stay like Phillipe Park in Safety Harbor.  The post card like views, great fishing spots, beachy views, wooded waking areas, and plentiful spots to park and picnic all make this a beautiful weekend destination for the entire family.

On a more recent trip we were blessed enough to try out a hammock I recently received with a coupon (LOVE finding discounts!).  After passing the flu through our home like a football and end to end work days with photo shoots we needed a relaxing day to just forget everything.


We opted out of the usual before an outing prep to instead grab some burgers and head outphilipe-park-safety-harbor-koki-hammock to enjoy a gorgeous day by the water.  Once the blanket was laid out and fishing gear on standby we decided to tackle setting up the hammock for the first time.  I thought this would be a daunting task but in line with the entire feel of the day it went up with ease and we settled in.  The most difficult part at this point became how do we share this two person hammock with three people and a bunny?  We figured it out and happily rotated throughout the day.

While I laid back relaxing the boys, only inches in front of me, threw nets and lines catching blue crabs and puffer fish then releasing them in excitement.  I swung gently with the wind as Deena our rabbit munched on some greens while snuggled on the picnic blanket below.  All the tension and rushed feelings fled from me in that moment and I felt so light once again.



While it was slightly chilly we didn’t mind at all because we had blankets to hide away in at any time, I came close to falling asleep many times.  This is Florida fall in a nutshell.  It can be chilly but should never keep you trapped indoors with moments like these to experience outside.philipe-park-safety-harbor-koki-hammock-water

We can’t wait for the next weekend to take the hammock out and hang out for the day at another beautiful park but first on the agenda, must order a second one!

If you like the hammock check out the other colors here.  Thanks for reading and have an amazing Thanksgiving!

Mandy- Wild Red


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