Money doesn’t need to factor in on family fun- Frugal Family Foundations

How often have you placed outings on hold with the line, “Can’t afford to right now”?  Time to re-think fun and do it without a budget in mind!

Anyone who knows me will always ask what kind of free things have I found to do recently.  It’s because I love to go out with my family and friends but hate to have my budget and/or bank account dictate that time spent.  For us money isn’t quality.  We’re tight with our budget and while most of this is due to my day job as a bookkeeper it’s also because my husband and I like to plan ahead for our little family.  That $100 saved on an outing today could translate into bigger things down the road.

Do we ever spend money on outings?  We sure do, but it’s limited based on the outing.  The list below is our go-to for spur of the moment fun and ensures us will never be at a loss for fun memories and that active lifestyle we so crave.   Continue reading

Have I lost my wild?

Wild has always meant more than just the outdoors for me.  It’s a way of life, how my soul feels, the fire behind my eyes, and my favorite places to get lost.  I can find wildness in almost anything but recently lost that, or rather put it on silence as it was sadly misplaced.

“As the deer longs for streams of water so my soul longs for you, O’ God.” Psalm 42:1

I recognized this immediately but watched imprisoned inside myself where days went by without the fulfillment and nourishment my soul so needed.  Each and every one of us has a component or components that make us who we are and keep us in balance and without it we stop living.  Not that our lives end in the sense of death but in a way that life no longer becomes a means of happiness which in most instances is a worse sentence than the finality of dying.   Continue reading

Be Wildly Simple

This year I quietly set out to do something slightly different in my life.  Simplify things.  Life gets too crowded at times whether physically or mentally.  A scheduled clean out needs to be a part of all our routines for constant self improvement.  My first actual attempt at this began with the not-so-simple but easy outcome list below.  Simplify your life and become better with much less! Continue reading

Winter on Honeymoon Island

HMI5The contrast between our old hometown and new hometown has been an obvious 24 inches of snow on the ground over this weekend.  While they’re digging out up North we are bundling up down South and braving the winds.

Cabin fever is a phrase I didn’t see myself using since moving down here but I landed on the old feeling about halfway through a week with the flu.  Stir crazy and feeling better we needed something to do and beautiful views had to be on the must have list.  I missed being near water. Continue reading

Frustrating Day in Paradise

The flu made itself welcome in our home recently and isn’t leaving soon enough.  Aside from that and the previous below normal temperatures, I find myself couch bound on a stormy and finally warmer day.  I don’t like being immobile in the least, in fact my mind has already gone fishing hours ago.

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Botanical Gardens- Pinellas County

b5Flowers were never quite my thing.  In fact I killed (not intentionally) almost all (nope, all) plants and flowers that were given to me over the years.  Even the ones my mom would lovingly gift to me with instructions and a very ensuring “These will last through almost anything.”  Well one did, once.  I kept it alive for a month and thus named it, but sadly Siegfried’s demise was already destined when he was placed into my care. Continue reading

What to wear for a Florida Winter

The one question I am asked most is, “What should I pack for my winter trip to Florida?”  Winters here can be unexpected for some and many will “feel” the temperatures very differently.  When packing it’s always a good idea to just go with interchangeable pieces until you know how you’ll endure and how mother nature will treat you.

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